Episode 3 - Ecological Design

This episode begins to explore ecological design. This term has been defined many different ways. Often, in architecture and landscape design, “design” is held as a noun or a product, as in, “the design” (for this building or landscape). We suggest that design can be more powerfully and holistically understood as a natural living process that adaptively incorporates (among other ways of knowing) thinking, feeling, sensing, representing (e.g. sketching, modeling, etc.), relationship-building, dialogue and collaboration, trialing/experimentation, and incorporation of learning and feedback. All living systems undergo living design processes, and design is one of the fundamental ways in which natural systems can adapt and become resilient over the long haul.

Our guest this week is Celia Johnson. Celia works in corporate sales at Patagonia and is the owner/founder of Wild Child in the Tree, where she designs and creates durable and beautiful hand crafted leather products. When not at work you can find me tromping through the woods, seeking the peace and serenity only found in the wilderness amoungst the whispering pines.

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